The Formula of the Christmas Tree

Christmas is only a few days away, many people have already got a Christmas tree, some have already decorated it. I also prepared something for such a significant occasion: this time I won’t bother anyone with units of measure or physics, but instead I’ll just draw a Christmas tree – but in my own way, using DockCalc:

The powerful visual calculator can draw diagrams with x and y axes (using the “Scope” block), so if I have a bit of imagination, I can come up with a calculation that shows a Christmas tree in my diagram. So, I gathered my best math skills and created a couple of formulas.

The result can be seen here:

And here is the calculation for that:

Now it’s your turn: if you can draw an even better pine tree with DockCalc’s calculations, go ahead and show it!

I welcome creative solutions to the email address info@dockcalc.com in the form of a *.dkc-file created with the DockCalc program and screenshots. The prize is “only” the glory, I will be happy to publish the best solutions together with the creators’ names (unless, of course, you tell me not to do so in the e-mail). If you prefer, you can also publish the solution on DockCalc’s Facebook page as well.

I wish you lots of fun!

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