DockCalc – The Visual Calculation Tool for Creators

DockCalc – Docking Calculator is being developed with the aim to support you in:

  • learning what physical values mean, how they relate to each other
  • daring to think, calculate and create┬ánew things
  • sharing calculations, thinking and working together with others
  • understanding the world and fact-checking theories you hear

With DockCalc You can drag and drop calculation elements, then dock or connect them together:

After short time you will enjoy creating more complex calculations as well:

Hydro Generation - DockCalc

DockCalc has great features, making it a powerful tool in your hand:

  • complicated calculations shown as graphics to make it easy to edit and understand
  • continuously zoomable canvas to give your creativity the space it needs
  • it understands physical units and can do all the math with them so you can focus on the essence
  • displays results in freely selectable units in form of simple displays, tables or graphs
  • no matter if you grew up with kilograms or pounds, you can use the same calculations with your units of choice in the inputs and displays
  • you can post calculation screenshots in order to support your point in discussions
  • you can share calculations as source so your partners can use them with their input data

DockCalc will be your favorite tool if …

  • You are a visionary creator designing something new and you wish to calculate dimensions, powers, pressures, currents, voltages,….
  • You are a student working on your homework in Physics, Math, Chemistry etc. and you want to share the solution with friends
  • You are a teacher explaining any topic involving any calculations with pure numbers or physical values
  • You are an engineer making any physical calculations for some machine or process
  • You sell customizable products and want to support your clients in choosing the best options, sizes, parameters or quantity related to your product
  • You simply wish to understand the meaning behind statistics in news
  • You can do something inspiring with DockCalc that we never would have thought of before

DockCalc is there, just have a try!