DockCalc V1.00


New, official release-version (V1.00) for Windows as Zip-file. Just download, extract the content and start DockCalc.exe!


  • Link to webshop to purchase license
  • some limited functionality remains even in an unregistered copy
  • more structured pop-up menu
  • improved Z-ordering of elements

You can evaluate the software for 30 days*.  After the evaluation period, the software will guide you to the webshop where you can purchase your personal license for a list price of 48 Euros (for non-commercial use). Time to time there are coupons available to reduce the license price.

*Users having the previous demo versions have already had this period, for them, the test period started when downloading the demo version.

Size: ~33 MB
Version: V 1.00
Published: May 21, 2023
Heating with stored solar energy in winter

DockCalc calculation file about how to collect and store the solar energy in summer to heat a house in winter.You need DockCalc application (DockCalc.exe) to open and edit this data file!

Size: ~12 MB
Bike gear calculation DockCalc-file

DockCalc file (zip) to calculate bike gears and resistances

DockCalc-Datei (zip) für die Berechnung von Fahrrad-Übersetzungen und Widerstände

DockCalc-file (zip) kerékpár áttételek és menetellenállások számítására

Size: 190 kB
Published: February 5, 2023
Wing calculation DockCalc file

DockCalc file to calculate wing lift

DockCalc-Datei für die Berechnung von Auftrieb für Tragflächen

DockCalc-file szárny felhajtóerő számításhoz

Size: 2 MB
Published: February 19, 2023
homeopathy calculation DockCalc file

DockCalc file to calculate homeopathic dilutions

DockCalc-Datei für die Berechnung von Homöopathische Verdünnungen

DockCalc-file homeopátiás számításokhoz

!You need the DockCalc executable to view/modify the calculation!

Size: ~8 MB
Published: March 5, 2023